Should one be looking to conduct any type of business in Europe, do not trust this man. There have been far too many cases where he has robbed people of their money and later disappeared without a trace. This man works as a boat surveyor, and is the poster child for scam artistry and fraud. 
This site is filled with testimonies of people who have been cheated by Nazmi and have lost their hard earned money due to his lack of morality. 

     One of his staff members have stated, "he is [a] professional fraud (cheater), he travels [in] business class to meet rich persons for his fraud activities. He travels [from] one destination to another destination even if he does not have a deal at the place which he will arrive. His goal is just to meet rich persons [in] business class to cheat".

If you or anyone you know, have been scammed by this man, and wish to share your story, please email us using this form:                      



Also, Nazmi has given Patrick Dines a promissory note for $200,000, and has never paid what he owes. There is a monetary REWARD for anyone who is able to retrieve these funds. The reward is set for $20,000 to anyone who is able to obtain the money from him. Here is a link to his contact information.


Picture of signed promissory note to Patrick Dines from Nazmi Topcuoglu.

Reward for Obtaining Lost Funds