​​(The following text is an email sent from a law firm to Mr. Nazmi Topcuoglu.)

Dear Mr. Nazmi, 

As instructed and after several weeks of hard work, please find attached the criminal statements to be submitted to competent judicial authorities.

Please sign under your name on page 11 and send it back to us a scanned copy as well as a hard copy by D.H.L.

In addition, please find attached an authorization to be signed (2nd document) from your side as well as its non official translation in English. You are kindly requested as it is stated above to send it scanned and the original by D.H.L.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any further clarification and/or information.

Best Regards,

Heykel BOUTRIF (Mr.)

Lawyer Associate

Email: heykel.boutrif@zaanounilawfirm.com



Nazmi Extortion of Tunisian 

Business Man